Tieks: A Step Towards Empowering Women

The fashion industry has seen an exponential rise in brands that advocate socially
responsible causes. One such brand making waves is Tieks, helmed by CEO Kfir Gavrieli. Tieks, under
Gavrieli’s leadership, has seamlessly blended the worlds of fashion, social
impact, and successful entrepreneurship. 

Since its inception in 2008, Tieks has disrupted traditional retail norms by operating exclusively
online. The brand’s key differentiator is its assortment of ballet flats,
available in over 70 unique prints and patterns. These shoes, known for their
comfort and style, have developed a loyal fan base, thanks to Gavrieli’s
dedication to constant innovation and customer satisfaction. 

But Tieks isn’t merely about fashionable footwear. The brand also stands tall as a beacon of
hope for women entrepreneurs worldwide. Kfir Gavrieli’s vision transcends beyond business growth to include a tangible
impact on society. The Gavrieli Foundation, in support of this vision, has
emerged as the largest lender on Kiva, a platform for micro-lending. 

The foundation has extended more than $10 million in micro-loans to over 60,000 women
entrepreneurs, strengthening Kfir Gavrieli’s commitment towards empowering
women. His belief in creating change through commerce has reinvented the way
businesses view their social responsibilities. 

Recently, Gavrieli’s philanthropic efforts extended to crisis-ridden regions. Tieks ran auctions of exclusive shoe pairs to raise funds for refugees in Ukraine.
Similarly, in response to the terror attacks in Israel and the subsequent rise
in antisemitism, Gavrieli launched fundraising campaigns, raising hundreds of
thousands of dollars. 

Tieks, under the stewardship of Kfir Gavrieli, has shown how a brand can effectively drive
business growth while making a significant social impact. It is a shining
example of how entrepreneurship can break the traditional mold and champion
causes that extend beyond the realm of business, making a difference where it
truly matters. 

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