Anthony Petrello’s Career And Giving Back

Tony Petrello is a giving businessman who came from humble beginnings to become one the the highest compensated Chief Executive Officers in the United States. He grew up in Newark, New Jersey where he was surrounded by working class families. Tony Petrello attended public school where he was eager to learn and possessed an outgoing spirit. He was a humorous young man with passion to spare. It would later serve him very well in life.

In high school he naturally excelled in math, which he practiced feverishly at home in his off time. His talent did not go unnoticed because Yale University caught wind of the young Tony Petrello. He received a full scholarship to Yale. On top of that, Tony got the incredible change to be mentored by professor, mathematician, and author Serge Lang. Certainly Petrello did not let this opportunity slip through his fingers and he was very eager to start his college experience. Lang described Tony as a very gifted and brilliant young man. As time went on the young mathematician decided that math was not the career of his dreams and instead opted to study law. He did receive a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Mathematics at Yale University, but it wasn’t for him. He instead decided to study law at Harvard Law School, a well known university in the United States. Tony Petrello earned his Juris Doctor there.

At Harvard Mr. Petrello would meet his future wife Cythnia. She would become a staple in the world of performance as a triple threat. This would include being a soap opera producer, TV and movie actress, and dancer. Tony would eventually become the Chief Executive Officer, President, and Chairman of the Board for Nabors Drilling. It was founded in 1968. They are the world’s largest drilling company based on land. As leader of Nabors Mr. Petrello would grow the company and also give back to the community in a meaningful way.

Anthony Petrello and his wife would have a child named Carena. She was born premature and they found out she had cerebral palsy. Carena would not eat any solid foods until the age of 7. This was incredible difficult for the Petrello family and they would take action to help others. They donated $7 million dollars to the Texas Children’s Hospital where Carena was cared for. This generous amount of money would go toward research for childhood neurological disorders.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco; The Value of Leadership Reforms

For a firm to be successful, it has to incorporate excellent leadership. This is often achieved by investing in experienced leaders that understand what the organization deals with. Moreover, the chances of an organization to flourish after selecting good leaders are higher compared to organizations that are still struggling to make it. Just like in the case of Banco Bradesco, with excellent leadership, every department in an organization plummets with successful performance. Here is a short narration of how the organization has been performing thanks to the excellent direction.

Background Information

Having said that, it is critical to highlight that Luiz Carlos Trabuco is one of the best leaders that Banco Bradesco has had in a while. First joining the organization as a child, working as the office clerk, he exuded tremendous confidence while dealing with clients and senior employees. Therefore, he managed to land significant leadership roles and become a senior executive at the same time. Being a man who always aspired to take his leadership skills a notch higher, he invested in perfect and strategies that would, later on, see to it that the bank has a link to the media. Therefore, he was named one of the most influential leaders in Brazil’s industry of entrepreneurs. For that reason, he earned another promotion as the chief executive officer of Bradesco.


Additional Information on Leadership Transitions

Over the past years, Banco Bradesco ushered in different leaders and project managers. Inclusive of this entire process was the reshuffling of significant leaders including the resignation of Brandao de Mello, the former president of Banco Bradesco. While at it, Brandao de Mello remained specific about the direction the bank must take while he left. For instance, he elected Luiz Carlos Trabuco as the immediate replacement as chairman and tasked him with the responsibility to initiating essential services. Similarly, he ensured that the organization was in safe hands by nurturing his junior employees.

The Vetting Process

Thereafter, the vetting process began, and Octavio de Lazari bagged the position for the following reasons;

• He is young compared to most senior leaders who have held the same position.
• He has vast experience in banking, primarily in Banco Bradesco.
• He is trusted to execute diligently.
• He promised to give his best by walking into the shoes of his role models.

The Outline

Perhaps, with a new leader on board, Banco Bradesco will now be in a position to produce huge and better numbers in terms of supporting the economy of its country. With that said, the success of Banco Bradesco is majorly attributed to its excellent leadership and the dedication of its leaders when it comes to serving clients. While Luiz Carlos Trabuco may have to leave the presidential seat for a vibrant leader, he still reigns in his initial position. As such, Banco Bradesco will maintain its leading position in the industry. Other than that, its competitors can borrow a few notes when it comes to implementing perfect leadership. It is also correct to conclude that a banking firm thrives in an excellent direction just as elaborated by Luiz Carlos Trabuco.

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Jeremy Goldstein: One Of The Best Corporate Lawyers In The Industry

Attorney Jeremy L. Goldstein has leveraged his expertise and training as a corporate lawyer to participate in many of the most high profile and successful transactions between large corporations.

Jeremy Goldstein has been involved with business transactions that have involved companies such as Duke Energy, Progress Energy, the Bank of America Corporation, The Dow Chemical Company, Schering Plough Corporation, the financial services company Goldman Sachs and the telecommunications company Verizon Wireless.

Jeremy Goldstein has proven throughout his career as a corporate lawyer that he is dedicated to using his skills to enable corporations to effectively navigate the complicated issue of executive compensation.

Jeremy Goldstein honed his skills by working with many corporate clients as an employee at a law firm that is known as Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz. After learning the ropes and developing his skills as a corporate attorney at that legal practice Jeremy Goldstein would go on to make the decision to strike out on his own. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare and  Jeremy Goldstein | Facebook

Rather than simply working in another position for another corporate legal practice Jeremy Goldstein decided that he wanted to tackle the challenge of launching his own legal practice. Jeremy Goldstein would go on to found his own law firm that is known today as Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates.

According to the website IdeaMensch Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates focuses on offering legal services that provide legal advice to senior management collectives, chief executive officers, committees in charge of making decisions about compensation and executive compensation.

Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates is a firm that is also focused on offering its clients services that will enable them to strengthen corporate governance. Many of the services that Jeremy and his team offer through Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates are designed to speak to the wide array of legal dilemmas that are faced by many corporations.

In addition to spending many years practicing corporate law, Jeremy Goldstein has also spent many years studying the legal field in preparation for offering the best legal services possible to his clients.

Jeremy Goldstein earned a law degree from the New York University School of Law. He has also earned a Master of Science degree from the University of Chicago and an undergraduate degree from an institution that is known as Cornell University.

In an interview with the website that is known as IdeaMensch Jeremy Goldstein shared one of the keys to his success as a corporate lawyer.

Jeremy told the publication that one of the tips that has made him an exemplary lawyer is the effort that he has put into spending time building relationships with his clients.

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Alex Pall Sings About What He Knows

The Chainsmokers have recently released their hit track titled “Closer” which features Halsey, a rising star. One of the things that makes the new hit unique is the fact that Andrew Taggart will be singing alongside Alex Pall.

Pall and Taggart have really great chemistry when it comes to creating hits that appeal to a wide range of the audience. They have been working together from day one and after four years of work they are pretty big in the music scene. They both wanted the same things out of life. Not only do they appeal to the teenage crowd but they have found that they also appeal to an older audience of 30 and up.

The duo is always expanding their spectrum and trying out new things so that they seem to be hitting it off with a wide range of fans while making hits along the way. Both have a background in the DJing scene and music is a huge part of their lives.

Their laid-back and calm attitudes free them up to be creative and to enjoy the spotlight while giving their fans what they want. Their songs reflect where they were when they created them and they are transitioning their lives along with their music. Their songs are a glimpse into their lives, and they aren’t afraid to let people peek into their personal moments through their lyrics.

Working with Halsey on their song, Closer, was a fun experience and she was unique and the kind of artist that they enjoy working with. It is a great indication of the direction they are headed.

Pall and Taggart keep connected to their followers through social media sites such as Instagram, and it has helped them to become more international. They have written their songs about their life experiences, and their fans can really relate. They are always changing, and they are excited to go on tour. Their Red Rock tour sold out and was a big experience for their group. The duo is all about keeping it real and are not going to change that anytime soon.

The Frontera Fund and Other Migrant-Focused Charities are Leading the Fight Against Trump’s Immigration Platform

The political divide in America has made immigration a hot button issue among citizens, politicians, and the media. Donald Trump’s stance on immigration has created courage in the heart’s of his supporters, but it has fueled more noble individuals to do something about America’s harsh stance on immigration.

Charities, both new and old, are currently running all over the country, working with immigrants and helping them in achieving a better way of life. There are charitable organizations to help immigrants with their legal fees, their education, and their general migrant rights. Learn more about Larkin and Lacey: and

One of these charities is The Frontera Fund, operating out of Arizona. This organization is headed by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the former owners of the Phoenix New Times. At their time with this paper, they did Arizona a justice by exposing Joe Arpaio’s illegal and immoral actions.

Joe Arpaio used to be the Sheriff of Maricopa County, using his position to abuse Hispanics and voice his personal opinions on immigration. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were illegally arrested by Arpaio too. This is why they relate to Hispanics, and this is why they have focused The Frontera Fund on benefiting Hispanics.

The Frontera Fund is partnered with many similarly minded organizations. One of these organizations is the Phoenix Immigrant Justice Project. This organization fights for immigrants in regards to the justice system. The non-profit connects people to pro-bono lawyers who can assist them with their case. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Michael Lacey | Twitter

Can The Border Divide Us? is another charity that worked with The Frontera Fund. This is a series of lectures, panels, and films aimed at Latinos. Can The Border Divide Us has hosted a variety of events in collaboration with The Frontera Fund. Book discussions, history discussions, and movie screenings are just a few of the services offered by this organization.

The American Immigration Council is a Washington, D.C.-based organization that educates the American people on America’s history of immigration and shapes the way they think about future immigration. This nonprofit works to promote humane immigration and policy.

About Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

Prior to creating The Frontera Fund, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin owned Village Voice Media and dozens of imprints under this name. The Phoenix New Times was one of their most controversial imprints. This was the newspaper that published content about Joe Arpaio.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin met in college and worked on a school newspaper, providing a liberal leaning viewpoint to counteract the school’s official conservative publication. The duo continued their efforts most college, creating Village Voice Media together.

Rocketship Education Embraces MAP Testing in Tennessee

MAP tests stand for measures of academic progress. These tests have been utilized in Rocketship Education Charter Schools for years. Various states use their own form of testing to obtain results based on state standards. Tennessee uses the TNready tests. Davidson County recently participated in the MAP tests to determine student progress.

Deciphering student progress rather than meeting expected educational goals has many benefits for students. Not all children learn at the same speed and grade point. If a student comes from a poverty stricken area with fewer resources they may already be behind once they ender a Rocketship Charter School. The team of expert teachers and staff can determine what each individual child’s starting point is.

An educational plan can be set in place for each child with a starting point, goals and an end point for each academic year. Students who continually meet their own goals and surpass their own learning expectations are achieving and learning. MAP tests can relay this information to teachers so they are able to see where each individual child is excelling or struggling. Every few months teachers can review these results and formulate a plan to help a child in areas they are behind and embrace the areas they are excelling within.

Rocketship Charter Schools started in California and over the last decade has experienced a profound surge in popularity and growth. There are currently over one dozen Rocketship Charter Schools in the California bay area. Rocketship has also made their presence known nationally by opening charter school locations in Nashville Tennessee, Milwaukee Wisconsin and Washington DC. Rocketship understands that children in under privileged communities often do not receive the same benefits in the public school system as children in other neighborhoods. It is Rocketship’s goal to bridge that gap and open their doors to students in areas that can thrive with the right resources.

Top Predictions From Shervin Pishevar’s Incredible Tweetstorm

Occasionally, an influential person will take to Twitter to give their opinion or make a prediction on a specific subject. However, one Silicon Valley heavyweight recently went on an extreme 21-hour tweetstorm. During this Twitter onslaught, this expert discussed everything from the future price of Bitcoin to the state of America’s infrastructure. That expert, Shervin Pishevar, has set social media on fire with his extreme predictions. Below are some highlights from that incredible tweetstorm.

The Dow Will Crash 6,000 Points

The first prediction that Shervin Pishevar made had to do with the United States stock market. Specifically, he predicted that the Dow Jones Industrial Average would fall 6,000 points. This would mark the biggest crash in the markers since the 2008 financial panic.

Bitcoin Will Drop Hard

Mr. Pishevar then set his sights on the granddaddy cryptocurrency, saying that Bitcoin would have more to fall. In fact, Mr. Pishevar believes that Bitcoin will fall to the $2,000 to $5,000 range before it will stabilize. That level would mark a 75% to 90% discount from the $20,000 high made in late 2017.

Silicon Valley Will No Longer Be Tech’s Mecca

Perhaps one of the most shocking predictions made during the tweetstorm had to do with Silicon Valley. Shervin Pishevar predicts that the center of tech innovation will move away from the Northern California enclave. Specifically, Mr. Pishevar believes that the tech industry will become decentralized as start-ups look to work remotely. The result will be that the next big tech companies may not come from Silicon Valley at all.

United States Infrastructure Will Continue to Fall Behind

Not one to shy away from controversy, Mr. Pishevar said that the state of America’s infrastructure was in dire shape. In one of his tweets, he pointed to the fact that China was able to build an entire train station in 9 hours. Mr. Pishevar attributes America’s lack of progress in building out its infrastructure to short-term thinking. Mr. Pishevar predicts that the United States will continue to fall behind as China continues to innovate their cities and transportation routes.

Mr. Pishevar would go on to make many more predictions during his 21-hour tweetstorm. This social media barrage was the first public statements that Mr. Pishevar has made since allegations of misconduct were made public in late 2017. As 2018 continues on, many industry watchers will be anxious to see which one of the Shervin Pishevar tweets will become reality.

Doe Deere, Helping Women Embrace Their True Self Through Makeup

Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics and has been dubbed the “Unicorn Queen.” Doe was born in Russia but was raised in New York City where she studied fashion design. In 2008, she launched Lime Crime Cosmetics which became widely popular on the social media app Instagram. Quickly, professional makeup artists and fans were posting makeup tutorials using the Lime Crime products. The company is based in Los Angeles, California and is dedicated to creating cruelty-free cosmetics that are certified vegan. Their cosmetic line consists of eye-shadow palettes, nail polish, glittery lip gloss, rainbow-colored hair dye and more.

Doe Deere majored in fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. She became inspired to create Lime Crime Cosmetics when she started designing her own clothing line. Doe sold her designs on Ebay under the brand name Lime Crime.
When it came to her own style, she found it difficult to pair certain makeup to complement her unique outfits. She searched for vibrant cosmetic colors on the internet to no avail. Her love for fairy tales and unicorns gave her the idea to create her own brand that inspires others to let their true self shine.

Doe started focusing on her cosmetic line and finding fun ways to market her products. She held online contests, giveaways, and posted tutorials on social media which resulted in over $3 million followers. Listening to the feedback from her customers is Doe’s top priority. She turns negative feedback into a positive and uses it to help her company develop better products. As a successful female entrepreneur, Doe is passionate about speaking out at conferences to help others follow their ambitions.

Doe Deere recognizes that you must create a product unlike your competitors and that’s exactly what she does. Currently, there are no other makeup brands on the market in the wide range of vibrant colors that are vegan-friendly. He vision and inspiration comes from mythical creatures, subcultures, and fantasies. Their Unicorn Hair Tints, for example, come in shades of mint green, bunny, seapunk green, and periwinkle blue. The tints are made of a formula that is ultra-conditioning and will never damage your hair. The line of hair dyes wash out gradually and work best on pale blonde hair. Doe Deere also supports non-profit organizations and charities such as HOLA for kids in LA, the Bideawee animal shelter, the Red Cross, Adopt NY, Sanctuary For Families, and Girls Inc.


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Ron Fowlkes Business Development Manager

Marine, Army Jump School graduate, S.W.A.T. Team Lead and member of the St. Louis Police Department, Ronald Fowlkes, grew a passion for First Spear with each exposure to the group throughout his line of work and duty. In his journey, he sensed and knew a uniqueness to the servicemen like himself and the profession they share. Later contributing his other learnings and areas of expertise towards First Spear. Utilizing his skills of business management and development back into the dedicated efforts of those who protect and serve. Supporting N.A.T.O. and other state and local law enforcement with quality as a focus point. Contracting, marketing, and acquiring new customers from previous buyers.


Developing his interest in the military at a younger age, Ron knew he wanted to be a Marine. He was persistent, determined, and sure of this one passion. Continuously submitting applications to the corps, starting at the age of ten years old. Leaving no question and secondary consideration of what he will make of himself. Receiving the letters denial wouldn’t stop him. Still driven, the marine corps accepted Ronald Fowlkes’s application, a seven-year process with little regret which lead him to later join the Police force, both where he encountered First Spear.


Ron Fowlkes’s average day covers the breakfast and the caffeinated beverage plus a commute with the kids. Transitioning into a third of the business day communicating with members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, then responding to e-mails. Ron spends more of his time reading the feedback he receives from his team, covering issues and activities, strengths and weaknesses. Firmly believing teamwork influences success, he works closely with the Department Of Defense, local and state law enforcement to better determine requirements. Having product creation based on the ideas based on relationships already established, using RFI and internal R&D teamwork to meet goals.


As an entrepreneur like figure, Ron Fowlkes believes surrounding yourself with good people is important. Surrounding yourself with good people is important. He leads into the ability of learning how to delegate, and to learn how to enjoy learning from others. The youth hockey coach has a blog on where you can read further on his interests and passions and show further support.


Top 3 Places to get a Brazilian Butt Lift in Dallas

If you find yourself frowning when you stand sideways to look at your buttocks in the mirror, it might be time to consider the surgical option if diet and nutrition just haven’t worked to get your rear-end into shape. A Brazilian butt lift is a type of surgical procedure that is customized to each individual patient in order to reduce skin flab and give your derriere a more perky appearance. If you’re unhappy with your drooping skin and flabby butt, this procedure will correct those problems. However, there are some eligibility criteria that you’ll have to meet to be a good candidate.


You’ll need to be in good general health and not smoke or drink, but you’ll also need to be at the end of your weight loss journey as further weight loss could impact the results of the surgery. If you’re at a stable weight and haven’t had any major fluctuations in your weight and regular diet and exercise haven’t helped you achieve the look you want, then a Brazilian butt lift might be the perfect option for you.


For those who live in the Dallas region, you have several options when considering a doctor to perform this procedure. In the Plano area, North Texas Plastic Surgery offers the Brazilian butt lift, while patients in the Mansfield, Arlington, Fort Worth, and Dallas areas should consider the Mansfield Cosmetic Surgery Center in Mansfield, TX. Those patients who are looking for affordable payment plans may consider contacting Dr. Kevin Light Cosmetic Surgery, as his office will work with patients who may be on a budget but still want to have the perfect tush.