Why Gareth Henry is a Coveted Name in Money Management

One of the most coveted names in money management today is Gareth Henry. This is because he is sought out by investment firms of all types. This time, he was snagged by Angelo Gordon, an alternative investment firm in New York. Hired as the managing director and global head of investor relations, he is accomplishing more than living out his dream of being a math genius. Little did he know that his choice to study actuarial mathematics would take him on a journey like this to work for some of the most prestigious investment firms in the country.

Now working for Angelo, Gordon, Gareth Henry will have the opportunity to work closely with Garrett Walls, the prior leader of investor relations. Although working on alternative investments is exciting for him, his focus will now be to work on marketing as well as to expand on his ability to develop strong and long-term client relationships in the area of global investing. Additionally, a part of his role with Angelo, Gordon, will be to work on developing new products, as well as opening up distribution channels at a global capacity.

Now that he is a partner at the firm, there will be ample opportunity for Gareth Henry to expound on his career in finance. Regardless of what happens with Angelo, Gordon, he is sure to continue to increase his knowledge of global investment strategies, as well as continue to develop and deepen client relationships for any firm he is working with. Angelo, Gordon is now managing nearly $26 billion in assets and counting.

The decision to hire Gareth Henry was due in part to the hope that he would play a key role in helping the group increase their portfolio over time. At this time, Fortress Investment Group has not been able to replace Mr. Henry.

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Richard Blair Is Helping Others Reach Their Finance Goals

Richard Blair provides financial services and strategies to the residents of Austin, Texas through his company Wealth Solutions. He also helps them to define their retirement plan and then comes up with a realistic plan to suit each individual’s needs. Richard Blair truly enjoys helping others to overcome financial obstacles and prepare them for life without having to worry about how they will invest their money, as well as allow them to retire with confidence.Learn more : https://www.brightscope.com/financial-planning/advisor/218993/Richard-Dwayne-Blair/


In order to serve the client better, they have a three pillar system which includes; a financial roadmap, long-term strategy, properly insuring the client. Each of the three pillars is designed to clearly outline the client’s needs so that they can achieve financial freedom. He approaches each client on an individual basis and takes all financial obligations and come up with a realistic expectation of their cost to become debt free and be able to retire on a comfortable budget. Richard Blair’s love for financial education stemmed from his upbringing. His mother and grandmother were teachers and he was instilled with a love for educating people. He combined his love of finance with his desire to educated people and business about effective financial planning strategies based on their unique situations. He decided to open Wealth Solution in 1994 to better assist Austin residents with planning for their future. He works with a diverse group of clients that range from wealthy individuals to families and small businesses.


In the past, Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions has worked at several of the world’s most notable companies including Dell Inc., Sensco Solutions, Stoneware, and The Boeing Company. By working with these entities, he was able to amass a great deal of knowledge about finance and planning that he used to apply to Wealth Management. He attended the University of Texas and then later the Univesity of Texas School of Business. In addition to his fulfilling professional life, Richard Blair has an equally full personal and family life. He is married to his wife Joanne and together they have three children.


A Look At Bruno Fagali’s Quest Against Corruption

Bruno Fagali is a Brazilian lawyer and lives near São Paulo. His specialties include compliance, ethics, urban law, public law, elections, and anti-corruption. Bruno Fagali is passionate about preventing corruption and ensuring corporate integrity.

In 2012, Bruno Fagali graduated from both the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo as well as the Getulio Vargas Foundation with specializations in Administrative Law.

Bruno Fagali currently has two jobs. He operates his own legal firm, Fagali Advocacy. He is also the Corporate Integrity Manager of the media company new / sb. The founder of new / sb explained that because his company has extensive contracts with the government he and his employee’s conduct needs to be above reproach. He created the Corporate Integrity Manager position in order to create a compliance system that is effective and transparent. He hired Bruno Fagali in order to have him design, implement, and educate the team at new / sb on corporate integrity and ethical conduct. Bruno Fagali has ably served in this role since December 2015.

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