The Aggressive Dick Devos

I carried out a research about Dick Devos and discovered that he is a business magnate who is well known in America. The entrepreneur has been involved in political matters whereby he ran for the governor’s position in 2006. The entrepreneur is married to Betsy Devos and the couple has four children.



From my research, I found out that Dick Devos has worked at the Amway for a long period. This includes the business section. The business magnate has worked at the Orlando Magic where he has worked in the executive position at the National Basketball Association. I discovered that he is currently the president of the Windquest group.



I noted that Dick Devos served at Amway for nine years as a president. The entrepreneur was responsible for all the operations of the company in more than 50 countries. The location of the countries is located on six continents. Dick Devos has been instrumental in the Amway Company where he recorded the highest sales in his final year. The sales were projected at 4.5 billion dollars.



I also discovered that Dick Devos was the vice president of the Amway Company. During his reign, the entrepreneur was in charge of operations in more than 18 countries. The countries are located outside Europe. The international sales and new markets were expanded during his reign. Devos has engaged himself in community organizations. Underprivileged children have benefited from the Education Freedom Fund.



The entrepreneur commenced the fund to help the needy students where 4000 bursaries have been issued so far. Devos has been instrumental in the health improvements in his area where he has chaired various committees.


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George Soros Becomes a Favorite Target of the Right

George Soros is a self-made billionaire strongly regarded for his extensive philanthropic work and investment savvy. So far, the hedge fund manager is the most powerful individual politically, and has a net worth of 25 billion dollars, positioning him as the world’s 27th richest person. Through his Open Society Foundation, the 86-year-old donates to vast political bodies and has been consistent in philanthropic causes involvement.

In the past, Soros has been seen to wield great power and has demonstrated immense influence in trying to reconfigure political landscapes. For instance, in the early 1990’s he broke England’s monetary system after betting against the British pound. Since then, Soros has been in the middle of conspiracy theories. He has been largely involved in donating large amounts of money to organizations said to support democratic reforms around the world, especially US. He has also supported migrants and refugees as well as criminal justice reform in the past.

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Open Society Foundations

The Open Society Foundation has been fairly vocal about its commitment to social justice. So far, the foundation has spent more than 1.5 billion dollars on democratic reforms such as US democratic governance, immigration, and criminal justice, and 1.6 billion dollars on democratic development in Eastern Europe. Currently, Soros is one of the most philanthropic people in the world and has to date given up to 12 billion dollars. His foundation has been noted for providing funds to support organizations and individuals across the globe, especially those seeking freedom of expression, promote justice and equity, and those fighting for an accountable government.

George Soros has demonstrated an immeasurable passion for those facing discrimination. His philanthropic cause begun in 1979 when he gave scholarships to South African’s facing the wrath of apartheid. In the 80’s, he funded the Eastern Europe and the West cultural exchanges, and this greatly helped the Soviet society. Later, his philanthropic works were extended to Africa, the United States, and Asia, and this played a pivotal role in supporting new efforts to the creation of more transparent, accountable, and democratic societies. Early 2000, Soros put his ideals of an open society to work by backing same-sex marriage efforts. Read more at Politico about George Soros.

His foundation has supported thousands of promising students from marginalized societies by offering school and university fees. Going beyond the capacity of his Foundation, Soros has also supported independent organizations such as the European Council of Foreign Relations among others. He has been known to place great emphasis on handling losing causes and demonstrating a commitment to fighting global intractable problems. Certainly, most of the issues he has handled may not have seen complete solutions without his effort. George Soros continues to travel the world advocating for positive policy. Learn more about his profile at