Advancing Mental Healthcare with Talkspace

Mental health care has always received less attention than its counterpart physical health. When people are in physical pain or discomfort, they are quick to seek medical care. Unfortunately, it is not the case when one is psychologically or emotionally unwell. People disregard it and prefer to put up with the issues. Some do it because they fear opening up their problems to a stranger.

Talkspace is a virtual counseling solution for all people. At an affordable fee, a patient will get comprehensive service from professionals. Talkspace offers both messaging and video services. Either way, licensed therapists will attend to patients satisfactorily. Accessing these services is easy because it requires users to download the app.

Since this company began, it has been growing by introducing new divisions to serve the patients even better. Recently, Neil Leibowitz came on board to the chief medical officer. Today, patients receive both therapy and prescriptions. This approach has helped many patients and saved them time from visiting more than one specialist for treatment.

Oren and Roni Frank founded Talkspace. Starting the company was an inspiration from experience in their marriage. The couple was having difficulties, and they only managed to resolve them after attending psychotherapy. This breakthrough motivated Roni and she wanted to share it with other people. That is how she prepared herself by advancing her education in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy.

Another significant progress Talkspace has made working with partners. Michael Phelps recently collaborated with the company to campaign for mental health. In particular, Phelps is advocating for therapy as an essential tool in mental health. According to Michael, people need to speak out about their problems and get help. With a global increase in suicide statistics, Talkspace plays an essential role in availing its services whenever people need them.

Phelps is a strong supporter of mental wellness because he has struggled with depression and anxiety in his career. He discovered that opening up and discussing his issues with a professional helped. Phelps began gaining strength and security. He was also glad about the convenience of the services. Talkspace is available for everyone, regardless of time and where you are.