Startup Investor Shervin Pishevar Economic Forecast Isn’t Pretty

No one knows how China is going to react to Trump’s new economic policy. Trump believes his tariffs will force China, and other trading partners to play fair in the import-export game. But one Silicon Valley investor predicted tough economic times before Trump imposed tariffs on America’s trading partners. Shervin Pishevar, the man who believed Uber was going to be a money-making superstar before almost anyone else did, thinks the global economy is going to take a big hit. Shervin tweeted his predictions before Trump imposed his brutal tariffs.

Shervin Pishevar’s tweets have the sound of a Tornado warning that blasts through the towns and cities before a big twister hits them. Pishevar’s tweets have that same flavor. The flavor of fear and trepidations. Some of Shervin Pishevar’s followers thought the investment genius was still licking his wounds after resigning from the Investment company, the company he founded in 2013. Pishevar was off the investment radar for a couple of months after that fiasco. But his tweets show he’s back, and he wants to share what he thinks he knows about the fate of the economy.

The one tweet that turned most of his followers off was his 6,000-point stock-drop prediction. Shervin believes Wall Street is in for another thrashing. According to Shervin Pishevar, the bull market is turning into more than a bear market. It’s turning into a repeat of the 2008 stock disaster. And to add salt to the open investment wounds his tweets created for some followers, he also tweeted about the bond market. Pishevar believes every asset class has issues.

Most investors who follow Shervin Pishevar know he’s not right all the time. Pishevar did pick Warby Parker, Tumblr, and Postmates as winners, but he picked a few losers along the way to his fame and fortune. But Shervin says he knows how to read the economic signs, and all those signs are blinking red.

The question in the minds of investors is when will Shervin Pishevar’s prediction will come true. Some investors think 2018 is too good a year for such an economic catastrophe. But other investors are getting out of the stock market and turning to the precious metal market.

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