The Outstanding Expertise Showcased By Sheldon Lavin In Transforming OSI Industries Group

Since its establishment as a mere roadside butchery, OSI Industries Group has tremendously grown over the years to become the food processor it is today. The journey to the global map has been rocky, and the firm has more often than not found itself prone to the murky waters of dissolution. However, the unrelenting sacrifice from its management has seen enabled it to wither through the storms. One notable individual who has given his all to ensure the progress of the firm is Sheldon Lavin.

Sheldon was born in 1932 in the outskirts of America and attended the University of Illinois where he emerged with a Bachelors degree in Accounting. That said and done, his quest to extend his education further saw him join the Northwestern University where he majored in Finance. A degree in Business Administration that he acquired from the reputable Roosevelt University situated in Chicago marked the end of his educational journey.

Straight from the university, Sheldon Lavin kicked off his career on the right foot by establishing a privately owned financial firm, Sheldon Lavin and Associates with its base in Chicago. His new-found career gave him exposure to notable business bigwigs in America, a move that accelerated the growth of his firm. Within fifteen years of the firm’s existence, Sheldon Lavin had established his ground in finance industry by incorporating a progressive approach in running the company. The experience he gained in managing its portfolio services placed in a better position to oversee and run the activities of more prominent corporations.

The year 1970 will forever be embedded in the hearts of many who have a thing or two with the OSI Industries Group. This marked the absorption of Sheldon Lavin to the firm, which was at the time undergoing significant technical challenges that posed a substantial threat in carrying out its operations effectively. He incorporated a transformative plan that overhauled the firm’s finance and production systems. His crucial point of focus was the use of technology to boost the output of the processor, whose chicken production stood at 12,000 metric tons per year.

Mr. Lavin led the firm in conquering new territories that stretched as far as Spain. The expansion of OSI Industries Group created more employment opportunities for the locals. His philanthropic activities have enabled him to scoop awards such as the Edward C. Jones Community award.

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