Infinity Group Australia Gains Higher Status

Infinity Group Australia is a company based out of Australia whose mission is to make the loan market more understandable to the average consumer. The company is run by Graeme Holm. His years of experience working in the major banks lead him to conclude that many clients don’t pay back their loans in a timely manner, and he sought to do something to change the system. After researching the issue, his conclusion took the form of a company. Infinity Group Australia was founded in 2013 and has since grown into become a beacon of support in the community and as well earning national recognition.


Throughout his research period, Graeme Holm discovered that most clients live paycheck to paycheck. This resulted in payments being made across a 30 year period. Graeme Holm found this to be troubling, thus he created Infinity Group Australia to provide constant service and updates for the clients. Having a level of constant engagement with the clients keeps them on track to pay in time, while making sure plans are tailored to their specific circumstances. Infinity Group Australia reviews are very positive from its clients. They enjoy having a company who respects their interests, and who is honest in how they conduct business.


The work Infinity Group Australia has performed was recently recognized by the Australian Financial Review. Each year this organization reviews a long list of companies and narrow it down to the top 100 most innovative companies. This is the organization’s 7th year compiling this list, and it always generates a lot of buzz. Graeme Holm was overwhelmed with joy when he accepted the award. It represents that his company has truly had an impact on the community, and there’s still more work to be done.


The financial market is full of loopholes and tiny legal language that it can be hard for the average consumer to navigate. Graeme Holm’s Infinity Group Australia has made great strides in fixing this issue. Clients have been very satisfied by the service they receive form the company. While at the same time, Infinity Group Australia prides itself on its customer service. They regularly participate in giving back to the community, and maintaining strong internal business practices. Learn more: