Startup Investor Shervin Pishevar Economic Forecast Isn’t Pretty

No one knows how China is going to react to Trump’s new economic policy. Trump believes his tariffs will force China, and other trading partners to play fair in the import-export game. But one Silicon Valley investor predicted tough economic times before Trump imposed tariffs on America’s trading partners. Shervin Pishevar, the man who believed Uber was going to be a money-making superstar before almost anyone else did, thinks the global economy is going to take a big hit. Shervin tweeted his predictions before Trump imposed his brutal tariffs.

Shervin Pishevar’s tweets have the sound of a Tornado warning that blasts through the towns and cities before a big twister hits them. Pishevar’s tweets have that same flavor. The flavor of fear and trepidations. Some of Shervin Pishevar’s followers thought the investment genius was still licking his wounds after resigning from the Investment company, the company he founded in 2013. Pishevar was off the investment radar for a couple of months after that fiasco. But his tweets show he’s back, and he wants to share what he thinks he knows about the fate of the economy.

The one tweet that turned most of his followers off was his 6,000-point stock-drop prediction. Shervin believes Wall Street is in for another thrashing. According to Shervin Pishevar, the bull market is turning into more than a bear market. It’s turning into a repeat of the 2008 stock disaster. And to add salt to the open investment wounds his tweets created for some followers, he also tweeted about the bond market. Pishevar believes every asset class has issues.

Most investors who follow Shervin Pishevar know he’s not right all the time. Pishevar did pick Warby Parker, Tumblr, and Postmates as winners, but he picked a few losers along the way to his fame and fortune. But Shervin says he knows how to read the economic signs, and all those signs are blinking red.

The question in the minds of investors is when will Shervin Pishevar’s prediction will come true. Some investors think 2018 is too good a year for such an economic catastrophe. But other investors are getting out of the stock market and turning to the precious metal market.

Infinity Group Australia Gains Higher Status

Infinity Group Australia is a company based out of Australia whose mission is to make the loan market more understandable to the average consumer. The company is run by Graeme Holm. His years of experience working in the major banks lead him to conclude that many clients don’t pay back their loans in a timely manner, and he sought to do something to change the system. After researching the issue, his conclusion took the form of a company. Infinity Group Australia was founded in 2013 and has since grown into become a beacon of support in the community and as well earning national recognition.


Throughout his research period, Graeme Holm discovered that most clients live paycheck to paycheck. This resulted in payments being made across a 30 year period. Graeme Holm found this to be troubling, thus he created Infinity Group Australia to provide constant service and updates for the clients. Having a level of constant engagement with the clients keeps them on track to pay in time, while making sure plans are tailored to their specific circumstances. Infinity Group Australia reviews are very positive from its clients. They enjoy having a company who respects their interests, and who is honest in how they conduct business.


The work Infinity Group Australia has performed was recently recognized by the Australian Financial Review. Each year this organization reviews a long list of companies and narrow it down to the top 100 most innovative companies. This is the organization’s 7th year compiling this list, and it always generates a lot of buzz. Graeme Holm was overwhelmed with joy when he accepted the award. It represents that his company has truly had an impact on the community, and there’s still more work to be done.


The financial market is full of loopholes and tiny legal language that it can be hard for the average consumer to navigate. Graeme Holm’s Infinity Group Australia has made great strides in fixing this issue. Clients have been very satisfied by the service they receive form the company. While at the same time, Infinity Group Australia prides itself on its customer service. They regularly participate in giving back to the community, and maintaining strong internal business practices. Learn more:

GreenSky Credit Provides Unique Financing Solution

When it comes to providing loans to consumers, many banks have found that providing home improvements loans is challenging and cumbersome. Because of this, consumers need to find another solution to get the loan that they need. For the past 10 years, one of the best providers of home improvement loans in the world has continued to be GreenSky Credit.

When you get a loan from GreenSky Credit, you can be assured that you are working with a company that is knowledgeable about this type of lending product. They have provided hundreds of thousands of loans to people all over the country, which are used for a variety of different purposes.

Unlike other online banking and finance companies, GreenSky Credit is not actually the lender on these loans. Instead, GreenSky Credit partners up with other traditional banks and lenders to originate and service the loans. The company is then paid a fee for the servicing and for the origination of the loans. The banks then collect the rest of the profits, but also take on all of the risk.

Another unique advantage that GreenSky Credit has formed is that they partner with general contractors and home improvement providers. Overall, they have a partnership with more than 15,000 contractors across the country. When working with these contractors, GreenSky is able to provide a loan that the homeowners can use to make the improvements. The contractors are often able to win business by being able to provide these loans to consumers.

Due to the unique product that GreenSky Credit is able to provide, the company and its CEO, David Zalik, have been very successful with investors. Over the past few years, the company has continued to raise capital from outside investors, which have continued to increase their valuation. Now that the company is growing to an even larger size, David Zalik is eyeing opportunities to raise even more capital. One great option for the company may be to raise and IPO and become public. This would provide them with a lot more access to capital, which will prove to be very beneficial in the future.

OSI Industries- Local and international development plans

OSI Industries, the largest food producer in the world, has been focusing on domestic and international expansion programs in recent years. Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, the company has been growing steadily since the 1970s. He has been directing resources towards the expansion of the business. There has been a couple of notable acquisitions and purchases made to achieve the expansion goal. Lavin wants to see the company’s products reach all corners of the globe. Currently, OSI is operating in 17 countries and has opened 65 production plants.

Tyson Foods

OSI Industries started by expanding its local market in the United States. The headquarters of this company is in Aurora, Illinois. To meet the increasing demand for food in the United States, they acquired a food plant that was formerly owned by Tyson Foods. The food plant measures 200,000 square feet which means that OSI now has more space to produce more food. Although this food pant was designed for poultry food products, it can still be used for other products by OSI Industries.

Flagship Europe

OSI Group has focused its eyes on the European market through the acquisition of essential food companies in the region. Flagship Europe, which generally operates in the United Kingdom is among the latest additions of OSI Group. The company has since been renamed Creative Foods to boost the brand in the market. After the acquisition, both companies are expected to gain immensely from the deal. OSI would benefit from a new market while Creative Foods would benefit from the ability to serve their customers more effectively. To know more about the company click here.

Spain Expansion

OSI Industries has expanded its plant in Spain to produce more chicken products. In the latest expansion, the company has added a high-production capacity line that will double production of chicken products, from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons annually. With this expansion, the facility will now be producing over 45,000 tons of food annually.

The expansion of the Toledo plant has been done using the latest sustainability methods. The plant has reduced its energy consumption by 20 percent after installing renewable energy equipment. There is a heat recycling system which will be used for production purposes.

Vijay Eswaran Leading Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Author from Malaysia

For people who are looking for some inspiration in the world of business, the life journey of Vijay Eswaran can prove to be the perfect example. Vijay Eswaran is known across the world for his prowess in the field of multi-level marketing and through the books that he has written in the last few years; people now know what ups and downs he has gone through to achieve the success. Vijay Eswaran came to know about binary marketing when he was in the United Kingdom and even did a course in binary marketing from CIMA while he was doing bachelors in socio-economics from LSE or London School of Economics.

Vijay Eswaran believes that one of the primary reasons why many young entrepreneurs fail is due to their affinity towards their comfort zone. Vijay Eswaran has written principles that he has followed all his life and that have gotten him consistent results as well. He believes that if you follow the same laws, it will help you get the results and avoid the common mistakes that people make in their profession. Vijay Eswaran says that most of the people are so afraid of failure that they don’t even take the first step or attempt to move towards the direction they secretly want to go. Vijay Eswaran says that if you procrastinate moving towards your goals, someone else will take your spot before you know it.

Vijay Eswaran also asks people to follow their dreams passionately and with all their heart. Giving everything you have towards reaching your goal would ensure that nothing comes in between you and the success. If you follow your dreams half-heartedly, it would be difficult to achieve your goals. Vijay Eswaran has written more in his books named In the Sphere of Silence, 18 Stepping Stones, On the Wings of Thought, and others.

The Outstanding Expertise Showcased By Sheldon Lavin In Transforming OSI Industries Group

Since its establishment as a mere roadside butchery, OSI Industries Group has tremendously grown over the years to become the food processor it is today. The journey to the global map has been rocky, and the firm has more often than not found itself prone to the murky waters of dissolution. However, the unrelenting sacrifice from its management has seen enabled it to wither through the storms. One notable individual who has given his all to ensure the progress of the firm is Sheldon Lavin.

Sheldon was born in 1932 in the outskirts of America and attended the University of Illinois where he emerged with a Bachelors degree in Accounting. That said and done, his quest to extend his education further saw him join the Northwestern University where he majored in Finance. A degree in Business Administration that he acquired from the reputable Roosevelt University situated in Chicago marked the end of his educational journey.

Straight from the university, Sheldon Lavin kicked off his career on the right foot by establishing a privately owned financial firm, Sheldon Lavin and Associates with its base in Chicago. His new-found career gave him exposure to notable business bigwigs in America, a move that accelerated the growth of his firm. Within fifteen years of the firm’s existence, Sheldon Lavin had established his ground in finance industry by incorporating a progressive approach in running the company. The experience he gained in managing its portfolio services placed in a better position to oversee and run the activities of more prominent corporations.

The year 1970 will forever be embedded in the hearts of many who have a thing or two with the OSI Industries Group. This marked the absorption of Sheldon Lavin to the firm, which was at the time undergoing significant technical challenges that posed a substantial threat in carrying out its operations effectively. He incorporated a transformative plan that overhauled the firm’s finance and production systems. His crucial point of focus was the use of technology to boost the output of the processor, whose chicken production stood at 12,000 metric tons per year.

Mr. Lavin led the firm in conquering new territories that stretched as far as Spain. The expansion of OSI Industries Group created more employment opportunities for the locals. His philanthropic activities have enabled him to scoop awards such as the Edward C. Jones Community award.

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Waiakea Water: Naturally Alkalized Volcanic Water

Not all bottled water is created equal. While many around the world have turned away from bottled water due to the waste generated by the bottle itself, a company in the heart of the Pacific dares to do things differently. Alkalinity, among other reasons, accounts for rising numbers of those putting their trust back in the bottled water.

Alkalinity is a major contribution to the rise in bottled water sales, but what many may not know is that not all “alkalinized” water is naturally so. Waiakea bottled water has been filtered through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock on Mauna Lao, an active volcano that helps define the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean. Through this filtration process, Waiakea Water picks up vital minerals and nutrients that give Waiakea water ph at roughly 8.2, well above the neutral 7 on a ph scale typical of other bottled waters. Ryan Emmons, Waiakea’s founder, realized he stumbled onto something special from basically his uncle’s backyard, which happened to be the base of the volcano, and decided he would share his finding with the world.

Alkaline water, such as Waiakea Water, has been shown to reduce acid reflux when paired with medical treatment. Drinking Waiakea can also add the benefit of balancing your body’s ph, as well as reducing the aging process, thanks to the natural silica it contains.

In addition to the unique environment Waiakea sources its water, the company also uses only RPET bottles, in addition to low emission deliveries, which has allowed it to be named Hawaii’s only Carbon Neutral water company. The volcanic water benefits from drinking Waiakea Water will have your friends jealous and your body thank you. Enjoy!

Waiakea is an obviously responsible company interested in being a good steward of the scarce resources we have on this planet. But what about the taste? Waiakea, the world’s first Hawaii volcano water, is also delicious! The water tastes slightly sweet contains electrolytes and other minerals that will help prolong your life.

Expert Banker Anil Chaturvedi

Anil Chaturvedi is one of the best bankers in the world, and he has been a part of the banking landscape in India for decades. He has seen the economy in India change many times, and he has brought in business over the years by working with businesses outside of India. His expertise is respected the world over, and he knows that bringing in European businesses makes sense in the modern age.

  1. Anil Speaks Often

Anil has been a part of many summits where he has talked about improving the economy in India. He wants to see the economy change, and he wants the people who hear him to understand that he has seen the progress of the Indian economy. He speaks at these summits because he is the person who gives the southeast Asian perspective, and he has taken information back to his company to help them grow.

  1. Growth In Indian Education

Many Indians are actually returning to India after getting educated in other places around the world. They are more likely to come work at his bank, and he has many opinions about how the people who are returning to India can return to better businesses that have more partners.

  1. Using The South American Model

Anil is using the South American model of finding investors who want to come to the country to start new offices or businesses, and he often helps these people with their financing. He is not just doing this for his own benefit. He is seeking out people who will make India a place that has more jobs and opportunities for the young people who are just getting out of school.

  1. Conclusion

Anil is an expert in banking who has remained in India for some time. His stay in India has seen him work for incredible banks and create business opportunities for more people. He knows that the people who are counting on him could find better jobs and open more profitable businesses in the country, and he helps them with financing when they have decided to make their move.

Meet The Face Behind The Lime Crime Brand

Who Is Doe Deere, Lime Crime, Creator

Doe Deere, business professional and creator of the Lime Crime brand, has been able to sell millions of products, but exclusively, online. This type of business savvy attracted a merger with popular, equity giants, Telegram. Their business goal are only previously, branded products, and the LC line was a great deal. Together, they’ve been able to grow their business portfolio. Deere says, everyone was not initially on board with the experimentation of the matte formula. However, her business move was a true success. Many big name competitor cosmetic designers have not been able to duplicate their success with the new formulated matte base.

Who Is Lime Crime?

You can choose from an extensive line of eyeshadow or lipstick. Deere says, her super-foil formula is designed to go on buttery-smooth. Their cosmetics are also smudge proof. The matte formula is popular for containing no texture, gloss, or other harsh additives to enhance your best features. LC, Cosmetics offers their clients an opportunity to choose from beautiful straitons of color. For example, their Venus XL, eye-shadow kit is an 18-color palette with a unique blend of color for every style or mood.

Lime Crime Makes Business News

There was a black market of matte products in China, and a resolution was needed immediately. They were able to create an e-commerce market that’s already responsible for thousands of products being sold. Today, they have also contributed to several other viral brands. Their Apricot Nude, summer collection is a must have among their Instagram followers. Their new collection invites your lips to bare it all to reveal your natural lip lines. Their Scandal, lipstick collection is also popular for it’s brilliant violet-purple hue. Learn more about getting free shipping offers on the Lime Crime website today.

Bring Your Mind To The Highest Level

It is important to keep your mind in tip-top shape as you are going through the aging process. This may sound obvious to some people, but too many of us neglect to do this. We are simply not prepared to do what it takes to actually focus on the health of our minds. We so often neglect this in favor of paying attention to the other parts of our body.

We know that the minds of some people may slip a little as they age. It is a natural part of the process of aging, but none of us want to believe that it will really happen to us. Instead, we bury our heads in the sand and think of other things. If you do not want to fall into that category though, then you need to have some supplements that are there to back you up.

Jeunesse Global is the provider of mental stimulating supplements that you can use to help keep yourself sharp. They have one supplement that is known as M1ND. It is meant to help with your cognitive abilities. You can definitely stay on your game if you just make sure to use this supplement regularly.

The supplement is just a one ounce pouch that is easy to carry around with you no matter where you are going in the world. You can take it with you throughout your day and show it off to others. You may just help someone else get turned on to M1ND and thus help them with their mental cognition as well. That is a great gift to give someone.

This product works with your body’s natural chemistry so that you are able to work with what is already going on in your brain to help make it all the more powerful even while you are aging. That is something that not a lot of people can say about what it was like going through the aging process. Those who take Jeunesse Global supplements are saying this kind of thing all the time though. If you want to be like them, check out the Jeunesse Global website yourself.