Why Gareth Henry is a Coveted Name in Money Management

One of the most coveted names in money management today is Gareth Henry. This is because he is sought out by investment firms of all types. This time, he was snagged by Angelo Gordon, an alternative investment firm in New York. Hired as the managing director and global head of investor relations, he is accomplishing more than living out his dream of being a math genius. Little did he know that his choice to study actuarial mathematics would take him on a journey like this to work for some of the most prestigious investment firms in the country.

Now working for Angelo, Gordon, Gareth Henry will have the opportunity to work closely with Garrett Walls, the prior leader of investor relations. Although working on alternative investments is exciting for him, his focus will now be to work on marketing as well as to expand on his ability to develop strong and long-term client relationships in the area of global investing. Additionally, a part of his role with Angelo, Gordon, will be to work on developing new products, as well as opening up distribution channels at a global capacity.

Now that he is a partner at the firm, there will be ample opportunity for Gareth Henry to expound on his career in finance. Regardless of what happens with Angelo, Gordon, he is sure to continue to increase his knowledge of global investment strategies, as well as continue to develop and deepen client relationships for any firm he is working with. Angelo, Gordon is now managing nearly $26 billion in assets and counting.

The decision to hire Gareth Henry was due in part to the hope that he would play a key role in helping the group increase their portfolio over time. At this time, Fortress Investment Group has not been able to replace Mr. Henry.

Professionalism: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gareth-henry-a7bba4a4

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