Vijay Eswaran Leading Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Author from Malaysia

For people who are looking for some inspiration in the world of business, the life journey of Vijay Eswaran can prove to be the perfect example. Vijay Eswaran is known across the world for his prowess in the field of multi-level marketing and through the books that he has written in the last few years; people now know what ups and downs he has gone through to achieve the success. Vijay Eswaran came to know about binary marketing when he was in the United Kingdom and even did a course in binary marketing from CIMA while he was doing bachelors in socio-economics from LSE or London School of Economics.

Vijay Eswaran believes that one of the primary reasons why many young entrepreneurs fail is due to their affinity towards their comfort zone. Vijay Eswaran has written principles that he has followed all his life and that have gotten him consistent results as well. He believes that if you follow the same laws, it will help you get the results and avoid the common mistakes that people make in their profession. Vijay Eswaran says that most of the people are so afraid of failure that they don’t even take the first step or attempt to move towards the direction they secretly want to go. Vijay Eswaran says that if you procrastinate moving towards your goals, someone else will take your spot before you know it.

Vijay Eswaran also asks people to follow their dreams passionately and with all their heart. Giving everything you have towards reaching your goal would ensure that nothing comes in between you and the success. If you follow your dreams half-heartedly, it would be difficult to achieve your goals. Vijay Eswaran has written more in his books named In the Sphere of Silence, 18 Stepping Stones, On the Wings of Thought, and others.

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