Chainsmokers Flirting With History

There is nothing like the excitement before a Chainsmokers concert. The crowd buzzes with anticipation as the massive LED screens behind the stage stay blank. A musical interlude begins to play on the PA system that announces to hard-core fans that the duo is about to take the stage. The music builds until the two men emerge to an eruption by the crowd.

That’s when the beat takes over. The LED screens come to life to flash mesmerizing images while the two get busy behind the DJ booth. Soon, Alex Pall will come around to the front of the DJ booth to brandish a live instrument. Or he may take the microphone for some live vocals. And it’s always backed up by Andrew Taggart and his turntables.

But one of the most exciting things about a Chainsmokers performance is the chance that you’ll see a guest. The Chainsmokers know some of the biggest names in music and they often invite them to make a cameo during their concerts. That’s when you’ll hear the crowd really erupt.

These incredible performances perhaps explain the impressive rise to fame. The DJ duo has produced many chart-topping singles over the years, but you may be surprised to learn that they have only released one album. And that debut album, entitled “Memories… Do Not Open,” has just smashed Billboard records.

Since the album dropped in 2017, the record has spent 34 weeks at the number one spot. This is 34 weeks in total. It does not mean the band’s album has spent 34 consecutive weeks at the top. The album would hit number one, spend a few weeks at number one and then drop back down a bit. Then it would inevitably reach back up to number one.

Same goes for the Gorillaz album, but “Demon Days” has been out for 13 years. The Chainsmokers album has only been floating around for a year. And the Chainsmokers recent surge in popularity should put them back at number one sometime soon. This would have the DJ duo surpassing one of the greatest dance bands of all time.

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