Robert Santiago and the Manaira Shopping Mall

Over the past few decades, the economy in Brazil has been on the rise. Growth in industrial sectors has necessitated the growth of other infrastructure, including entertainment. Robert Santiago is a Brazilian entrepreneur who’s brilliance is helping to change the face of the Brazilian entertainment sector. Robert Santiago is the developer of the highly popular Manaira Shopping Mall.


Located in the Brazilian state of Paraiba, the Manaira Shopping Mall is much more than just an ordinary mall. In addition to top-notch shopping, the mall features gaming and recreation centers, gyms and other fitness studios, and outdoor parks with walking trails. There is also a movie theater and even schools. The Manaira Shopping Mall is a community gathering place, offering the people of Joao Pessoa a social venue for special events or just enjoying afternoons. It is a cultural gem and a place that residents and visitors alike can enjoy and take pride in. The mall also attracts thousands of visitors each year, further boosting the surrounding economy and growing the once small town of Joao Pessoa into a budding and vibrant city.


This new found development is thanks to the vision of one man, Robert Santiago. Santiago grew up in the town of Joao Pessoa from humble beginnings. He eventually found great success in the packaging and manufacturing industries. His business ventures took him all over the world and in his travels, he was particularly impressed with the large malls prevalent in the US and other western countries. He decided that this model would be one that he would return to his hometown. In the late 1980s, Robert invested in a large plot of land and began construction on what would become the first mall of it’s kind in the region. Manaira Shopping Mall is still a staple of the community in Joao Pessoa and Robert Santiago continues to innovate in the business sector, continuing to keep his hometown at the center of his heart and give back to the town that raised him at every opportunity. In recent years, Santiago has brought increased gourmet dining to the mall as well as opening Domus Hall. Domus Hall is a large venue located at the mall that is designed to host concerts, conferences and exhibitions, and other seminars or conference events. The fine dining and event venue will continue to grow the traffic flowing through the Manaira Shopping Mall and further improve the local economy.


Jeremy Goldstein is winging and dining for the sake of Fountain House!

For those of you who are not familiar with Jeremy Goldstein, you should be! Jeremy is an amazing lawyer, as well as an amazing human being. Jeremy has been active in charitable giving for many years and one of the greatest achievements of his life was joining the board of directors for Fountian House. The house was established by ex-patients in order to help those who are suffering from mental illness. The charity seeks to help both men and women who want to rebuild their lives in the wake of their recovery from mental illness and is committed to helping its members achieve their goals and fulfill dreams of education, as well as a better life. Jeremy recently hosted a wine and dine to raise money to keep the house running and hopes to keep the model of fountain house growing throughout the world. The tickets cost patrons $3,700 and all of the proceeds went to the charity so that they may continue their pivotal work.


Jeremy is a great lawyer and he works tirelessly for his clients. Amongst his achievements s were the deals brokered between Chevron Texaco Corporation/Unocal Corporation and JP Morgan and Chase. Jeremy owns his own boutique law firm specializing in corporate governance. Jeremy has practiced law for over 20 years and is a graduate of New York University. When Jeremy is not serving his clients or the community of friends he has made at fountain house, he is spending time with his family or working away on another article for a law journal or magazine.


The world needs more people like Jeremy in it. Without such individuals, many of the most vulnerable members of our society would be voiceless. Jeremy is the jewel in the crown of lawyers because he is selfless and lacks greed. With Jeremy on your side, you can expect two things. To win your case, and to gain a friend who might ask you for a donation to a really good cause. So if you are in need of Jeremy services then please click here to visit his website. Alternatively, if you would like to make a donation to fountian house then please click here.