Rocketship Education Embraces MAP Testing in Tennessee

MAP tests stand for measures of academic progress. These tests have been utilized in Rocketship Education Charter Schools for years. Various states use their own form of testing to obtain results based on state standards. Tennessee uses the TNready tests. Davidson County recently participated in the MAP tests to determine student progress.

Deciphering student progress rather than meeting expected educational goals has many benefits for students. Not all children learn at the same speed and grade point. If a student comes from a poverty stricken area with fewer resources they may already be behind once they ender a Rocketship Charter School. The team of expert teachers and staff can determine what each individual child’s starting point is.

An educational plan can be set in place for each child with a starting point, goals and an end point for each academic year. Students who continually meet their own goals and surpass their own learning expectations are achieving and learning. MAP tests can relay this information to teachers so they are able to see where each individual child is excelling or struggling. Every few months teachers can review these results and formulate a plan to help a child in areas they are behind and embrace the areas they are excelling within.

Rocketship Charter Schools started in California and over the last decade has experienced a profound surge in popularity and growth. There are currently over one dozen Rocketship Charter Schools in the California bay area. Rocketship has also made their presence known nationally by opening charter school locations in Nashville Tennessee, Milwaukee Wisconsin and Washington DC. Rocketship understands that children in under privileged communities often do not receive the same benefits in the public school system as children in other neighborhoods. It is Rocketship’s goal to bridge that gap and open their doors to students in areas that can thrive with the right resources.

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