Alex Pall Sings About What He Knows

The Chainsmokers have recently released their hit track titled “Closer” which features Halsey, a rising star. One of the things that makes the new hit unique is the fact that Andrew Taggart will be singing alongside Alex Pall.

Pall and Taggart have really great chemistry when it comes to creating hits that appeal to a wide range of the audience. They have been working together from day one and after four years of work they are pretty big in the music scene. They both wanted the same things out of life. Not only do they appeal to the teenage crowd but they have found that they also appeal to an older audience of 30 and up.

The duo is always expanding their spectrum and trying out new things so that they seem to be hitting it off with a wide range of fans while making hits along the way. Both have a background in the DJing scene and music is a huge part of their lives.

Their laid-back and calm attitudes free them up to be creative and to enjoy the spotlight while giving their fans what they want. Their songs reflect where they were when they created them and they are transitioning their lives along with their music. Their songs are a glimpse into their lives, and they aren’t afraid to let people peek into their personal moments through their lyrics.

Working with Halsey on their song, Closer, was a fun experience and she was unique and the kind of artist that they enjoy working with. It is a great indication of the direction they are headed.

Pall and Taggart keep connected to their followers through social media sites such as Instagram, and it has helped them to become more international. They have written their songs about their life experiences, and their fans can really relate. They are always changing, and they are excited to go on tour. Their Red Rock tour sold out and was a big experience for their group. The duo is all about keeping it real and are not going to change that anytime soon.

The Frontera Fund and Other Migrant-Focused Charities are Leading the Fight Against Trump’s Immigration Platform

The political divide in America has made immigration a hot button issue among citizens, politicians, and the media. Donald Trump’s stance on immigration has created courage in the heart’s of his supporters, but it has fueled more noble individuals to do something about America’s harsh stance on immigration.

Charities, both new and old, are currently running all over the country, working with immigrants and helping them in achieving a better way of life. There are charitable organizations to help immigrants with their legal fees, their education, and their general migrant rights. Learn more about Larkin and Lacey: and

One of these charities is The Frontera Fund, operating out of Arizona. This organization is headed by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the former owners of the Phoenix New Times. At their time with this paper, they did Arizona a justice by exposing Joe Arpaio’s illegal and immoral actions.

Joe Arpaio used to be the Sheriff of Maricopa County, using his position to abuse Hispanics and voice his personal opinions on immigration. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were illegally arrested by Arpaio too. This is why they relate to Hispanics, and this is why they have focused The Frontera Fund on benefiting Hispanics.

The Frontera Fund is partnered with many similarly minded organizations. One of these organizations is the Phoenix Immigrant Justice Project. This organization fights for immigrants in regards to the justice system. The non-profit connects people to pro-bono lawyers who can assist them with their case. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Michael Lacey | Twitter

Can The Border Divide Us? is another charity that worked with The Frontera Fund. This is a series of lectures, panels, and films aimed at Latinos. Can The Border Divide Us has hosted a variety of events in collaboration with The Frontera Fund. Book discussions, history discussions, and movie screenings are just a few of the services offered by this organization.

The American Immigration Council is a Washington, D.C.-based organization that educates the American people on America’s history of immigration and shapes the way they think about future immigration. This nonprofit works to promote humane immigration and policy.

About Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

Prior to creating The Frontera Fund, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin owned Village Voice Media and dozens of imprints under this name. The Phoenix New Times was one of their most controversial imprints. This was the newspaper that published content about Joe Arpaio.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin met in college and worked on a school newspaper, providing a liberal leaning viewpoint to counteract the school’s official conservative publication. The duo continued their efforts most college, creating Village Voice Media together.

Rocketship Education Embraces MAP Testing in Tennessee

MAP tests stand for measures of academic progress. These tests have been utilized in Rocketship Education Charter Schools for years. Various states use their own form of testing to obtain results based on state standards. Tennessee uses the TNready tests. Davidson County recently participated in the MAP tests to determine student progress.

Deciphering student progress rather than meeting expected educational goals has many benefits for students. Not all children learn at the same speed and grade point. If a student comes from a poverty stricken area with fewer resources they may already be behind once they ender a Rocketship Charter School. The team of expert teachers and staff can determine what each individual child’s starting point is.

An educational plan can be set in place for each child with a starting point, goals and an end point for each academic year. Students who continually meet their own goals and surpass their own learning expectations are achieving and learning. MAP tests can relay this information to teachers so they are able to see where each individual child is excelling or struggling. Every few months teachers can review these results and formulate a plan to help a child in areas they are behind and embrace the areas they are excelling within.

Rocketship Charter Schools started in California and over the last decade has experienced a profound surge in popularity and growth. There are currently over one dozen Rocketship Charter Schools in the California bay area. Rocketship has also made their presence known nationally by opening charter school locations in Nashville Tennessee, Milwaukee Wisconsin and Washington DC. Rocketship understands that children in under privileged communities often do not receive the same benefits in the public school system as children in other neighborhoods. It is Rocketship’s goal to bridge that gap and open their doors to students in areas that can thrive with the right resources.

Top Predictions From Shervin Pishevar’s Incredible Tweetstorm

Occasionally, an influential person will take to Twitter to give their opinion or make a prediction on a specific subject. However, one Silicon Valley heavyweight recently went on an extreme 21-hour tweetstorm. During this Twitter onslaught, this expert discussed everything from the future price of Bitcoin to the state of America’s infrastructure. That expert, Shervin Pishevar, has set social media on fire with his extreme predictions. Below are some highlights from that incredible tweetstorm.

The Dow Will Crash 6,000 Points

The first prediction that Shervin Pishevar made had to do with the United States stock market. Specifically, he predicted that the Dow Jones Industrial Average would fall 6,000 points. This would mark the biggest crash in the markers since the 2008 financial panic.

Bitcoin Will Drop Hard

Mr. Pishevar then set his sights on the granddaddy cryptocurrency, saying that Bitcoin would have more to fall. In fact, Mr. Pishevar believes that Bitcoin will fall to the $2,000 to $5,000 range before it will stabilize. That level would mark a 75% to 90% discount from the $20,000 high made in late 2017.

Silicon Valley Will No Longer Be Tech’s Mecca

Perhaps one of the most shocking predictions made during the tweetstorm had to do with Silicon Valley. Shervin Pishevar predicts that the center of tech innovation will move away from the Northern California enclave. Specifically, Mr. Pishevar believes that the tech industry will become decentralized as start-ups look to work remotely. The result will be that the next big tech companies may not come from Silicon Valley at all.

United States Infrastructure Will Continue to Fall Behind

Not one to shy away from controversy, Mr. Pishevar said that the state of America’s infrastructure was in dire shape. In one of his tweets, he pointed to the fact that China was able to build an entire train station in 9 hours. Mr. Pishevar attributes America’s lack of progress in building out its infrastructure to short-term thinking. Mr. Pishevar predicts that the United States will continue to fall behind as China continues to innovate their cities and transportation routes.

Mr. Pishevar would go on to make many more predictions during his 21-hour tweetstorm. This social media barrage was the first public statements that Mr. Pishevar has made since allegations of misconduct were made public in late 2017. As 2018 continues on, many industry watchers will be anxious to see which one of the Shervin Pishevar tweets will become reality.