Jake Gottlieb

While Jacob Gottlieb may be one of New York’s most affluent hedge fund managers, that wasn’t his goal from the start. As often happens, Jacob’s life took an unexpected turn. He started out his adult life by going to medical school with the intention of becoming a doctor, but that’s far from where Mr. Gottlieb ended up. Along the way, he developed an interest in finance and investing.

After pursuing training in his new fields of interest, Jacob launched his own hedge fund firm, Visium Asset Management, in 2005. While the firm started small, it grew at a quick pace and today is responsible for overseeing $3.5 billion in client assets. The firm has done so well, because Gottlieb used his interest in healthcare to give Visium a greater focus. Jacob already had a thorough understanding of the healthcare industry, so he applied that knowledge to stocks related to that industry. The result has been a successful firm and an impressive portfolio for Mr. Gottlieb.

For a deeper appreciation of Gottlieb’s success, one need only look to one of his first and most profitable funds. The Visium Balanced Fund has been referred to as the firm’s “flagship” and deservedly so. Currently, that one fund oversees $2.4 billion in assets and consistently earns 15.6% in annualized returns. That kind of performance is what makes Jacob Gottlieb and Visium Asset Management stand out to investors.

Even so, Jacob isn’t content. He wants to do more with his life and that includes giving back through charity work. One cause that’s especially close to his heart is the issue of homelessness among America’s youth. This is why Jacob dedicates resources to helping Covenant House, an organization dedicated to helping teenagers get off the streets. The organization helps teens gain access to opportunities that will help them build better lives. The money Covenant House receives from Jacob Gottlieb and other donors goes towards rescuing children from crisis situations, as well as helping them with long-term guidance.

Certainly, Jacob Gottlieb is a successful hedge fund manager, but he also cares about his community. Through charity work and the funds that help healthcare-related businesses thrive, Mr. Gottlieb is changing the world for the better.


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