Bruno Fagali: Brazilian Advertising Agencies Must Plan for Clients

Brazilian advertising agencies boast of working high-profile corporations and the government, a sign that most agencies are doing well financially. However, they all experience particular challenges at a certain point. These challenges contribute to a weak relationship between clients and the compliance agencies. It, therefore, means that most agencies have issues when it comes to adhering to the set policies.

Background Look

According to one Bruno Fagali, an experienced compliance lawyer, there are major red flags that clients and agencies should watch out for when dealing each other in different capacities. Most of the red flags have made advertising agencies a somewhat precarious field to delve into. Even so, there have been numerous litigations to deal with the red flags. However, these litigations have not been fully dealt with given that the law has many policies that may be difficult to follow. On the other hand, Bruno Fagali has issued major highlights that can contribute to the evasion of such litigations.

The Red Flags

First of all, there is the aspect of irregularity in compensation. According to Bruno Fagali, this is the first red flag, and it describes how advertising agencies fail to charge clients. In such a case, the client has been served free of charge. Another case scenario includes the lack of disbursing funds according to the statues of the contract.


Agencies must Plan for Clients

The second case scenario and red flag is the conflict of interests. In this case, Mr. Fagali gives the example of an agency failing to come up with a viable plan for the client. Bruno adds that every advertising agency must take up the responsibility of working on a viable plan for its client including costs covered strategies and media campaign. In cases where there is no plan, it becomes difficult or impossible for the agency and the client to agree.

Personal Profile

Mr. Bruno Fagali is a compliance attorney who works for the betterment of corporate integrity. Besides, he is qualified and skills in several areas of public ethics and business management. Starting off his career at the prestigious Pontifical Catholic University, Bruno Fagali majored in law. After that, he joined the University of Sao Paulo to advance his education.

Additional Information

Bruno Fagali is multi-skilled in his areas of specialization. He owns a private practice known as Fagali Advocates. He established the firm in 2014 and has been the head cheerleader especially in dealing with compliance issues.


Additionally, Bruno Fagali lectures law at the prestigious Sao Paulo University. He uses his expertise in law to educate students and the community on how to tackle legal issues. Mr. Fagali is definitely a scion of success in handling compliance issues.

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