Madison Street Capital Wins Again

Madison Street Capital recently won the coveted Debt Financing Deal of the Year Award at the M&A Advisor Awards held in New York, NY. The award is the highest honor conferred to an M&A firm.



The M&A Awards



Madison Street Capital is the firm that provided the transaction advice to WLR Automotive. The advice to WLR played a significant role in convincing the judges to confer the honor to Madison Street Capital. The event was graced by the top brass in the M&A business. There were over 500 respected executives from the various segments. Madison Street Capital scooped the award from a hard-fought lot. There were 650 participants with a good chance to run away with the prestigious award. So the feat the firm has achieved isn’t a mean one. To put the much-awaited crown to the cap, the award was presented by nine other than the co CEO and President of M&A, Mr. David Fergusson. Given the publicity that the Awards have given Madison Street Capital, the firm now stands ever taller in the debt financing field.



Other Recognitions



Madison Street Capital also boasts of other recognition apart from the latest one from M&A. The firm was also a finalist in the Boutique Investment Firm of the Year Awards. It also featured prominently in the Financial Deals of the Year Awards.



So Who Are Madison Street Capital?



Madison Street Capital is an International Investment Banking firm with a commitment to Integrity, leadership, excellence, service delivery, acquisition and merger consultancy, Financial Advisories and similar business geared towards applying professional knowledge to business transactions. It has a strong focus on helping businesses to improve their overheads b embracing the recommended practices. It deals with both major and minor firms. Indeed, Madison Street Capital has a keen eye on the emerging markets. The firm knows that it is these markets that drive the wheel of economic revolution. The firm adheres to the highest standards of professionalism. Madison Street Capital is a privately owned business firm based in Chicago. Madison Street Capital is used synonymously with the official designation Madison Street Capital Advisors LLC. The firm has been in operation for 13 years. Judging from the recent turn of events, the firm is likely to grow even faster.



The Awards that have been conferred on MSC are a conspicuous recognition of a corporate firm that handles business in according to the set and agreed standards of professionalism The Awards are symbolic representations of the success Madison Street Capital has achieved. The award is a mark of confidence by the main players in the market. M&A has been around for over 20 years. It is an organization that was instituted to provide financial advisory services and intelligence regarding such deals as mergers and acquisitions, M&A is based in London.


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