Betsy DeVos Makes Strong Moves for Charter Schools

Betsy DeVos is one of the most important players in the education system right now. She is the Secretary of Education, and a lot of people like myself are waiting to see what she is going to be able to do with the education system.

I believe that Betsy DeVos will be able to make a big difference when it comes to the education system because she knows how it works and she has been a part of the change in education for a long time.

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There are a lot of people that are interested in what Betsy is going to do because they know that it is definitely time for a change in education. So many people have been wondering how they can see a more effective change in education, and Betsy DeVos has proven that there is a strong need for improvements in the classroom. She has given a lot through her foundation, and she continues to give more as she tries to educate more people on the need for charter schools and school vouchers.

I have been quite fascinated with her role in education, and I think that many people are going to see some positive improvements even though there was a bit of pushback during her nomination as someone that would be in the role of the Secretary of Education.

I definitely believe that Betsy has proven that she could do the job long before she was put into this role. She has been fighting for education for such a long time, and people have to really look at the track record that she has an order to assess what she may be able to do. There are lots of people that are impressed with the way that she is leading right now because she has managed to keep an eye on the art and literature programs that may have been cut from schools at one time. She believes that Math and Science are important roles for people that want to get involved in the learning process, but she definitely believes that there are some students that are going to excel in art.

She believes that there are others that will have a desire to go into a music programs. Betsy DeVos believes that children should have a well-rounded education system that allows them to excel in the things that they are good at. She knows that it is going to take more than the traditional public school system for this to happen. That is why she has made a plea with so many people to incorporate more of the charter schools throughout the United States. She believes that she can level the education playing field.

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