Waiakea Water: Naturally Alkalized Volcanic Water

Not all bottled water is created equal. While many around the world have turned away from bottled water due to the waste generated by the bottle itself, a company in the heart of the Pacific dares to do things differently. Alkalinity, among other reasons, accounts for rising numbers of those putting their trust back in the bottled water.

Alkalinity is a major contribution to the rise in bottled water sales, but what many may not know is that not all “alkalinized” water is naturally so. Waiakea bottled water has been filtered through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock on Mauna Lao, an active volcano that helps define the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean. Through this filtration process, Waiakea Water picks up vital minerals and nutrients that give Waiakea water ph at roughly 8.2, well above the neutral 7 on a ph scale typical of other bottled waters. Ryan Emmons, Waiakea’s founder, realized he stumbled onto something special from basically his uncle’s backyard, which happened to be the base of the volcano, and decided he would share his finding with the world.

Alkaline water, such as Waiakea Water, has been shown to reduce acid reflux when paired with medical treatment. Drinking Waiakea can also add the benefit of balancing your body’s ph, as well as reducing the aging process, thanks to the natural silica it contains.

In addition to the unique environment Waiakea sources its water, the company also uses only RPET bottles, in addition to low emission deliveries, which has allowed it to be named Hawaii’s only Carbon Neutral water company. The volcanic water benefits from drinking Waiakea Water will have your friends jealous and your body thank you. Enjoy!

Waiakea is an obviously responsible company interested in being a good steward of the scarce resources we have on this planet. But what about the taste? Waiakea, the world’s first Hawaii volcano water, is also delicious! The water tastes slightly sweet contains electrolytes and other minerals that will help prolong your life.


Expert Banker Anil Chaturvedi

Anil Chaturvedi is one of the best bankers in the world, and he has been a part of the banking landscape in India for decades. He has seen the economy in India change many times, and he has brought in business over the years by working with businesses outside of India. His expertise is respected the world over, and he knows that bringing in European businesses makes sense in the modern age.

  1. Anil Speaks Often

Anil has been a part of many summits where he has talked about improving the economy in India. He wants to see the economy change, and he wants the people who hear him to understand that he has seen the progress of the Indian economy. He speaks at these summits because he is the person who gives the southeast Asian perspective, and he has taken information back to his company to help them grow.

  1. Growth In Indian Education

Many Indians are actually returning to India after getting educated in other places around the world. They are more likely to come work at his bank, and he has many opinions about how the people who are returning to India can return to better businesses that have more partners.

  1. Using The South American Model

Anil is using the South American model of finding investors who want to come to the country to start new offices or businesses, and he often helps these people with their financing. He is not just doing this for his own benefit. He is seeking out people who will make India a place that has more jobs and opportunities for the young people who are just getting out of school.

  1. Conclusion

Anil is an expert in banking who has remained in India for some time. His stay in India has seen him work for incredible banks and create business opportunities for more people. He knows that the people who are counting on him could find better jobs and open more profitable businesses in the country, and he helps them with financing when they have decided to make their move.


Meet The Face Behind The Lime Crime Brand

Who Is Doe Deere, Lime Crime, Creator

Doe Deere, business professional and creator of the Lime Crime brand, has been able to sell millions of products, but exclusively, online. This type of business savvy attracted a merger with popular, equity giants, Telegram. Their business goal are only previously, branded products, and the LC line was a great deal. Together, they’ve been able to grow their business portfolio. Deere says, everyone was not initially on board with the experimentation of the matte formula. However, her business move was a true success. Many big name competitor cosmetic designers have not been able to duplicate their success with the new formulated matte base.

Who Is Lime Crime?

You can choose from an extensive line of eyeshadow or lipstick. Deere says, her super-foil formula is designed to go on buttery-smooth. Their cosmetics are also smudge proof. The matte formula is popular for containing no texture, gloss, or other harsh additives to enhance your best features. LC, Cosmetics offers their clients an opportunity to choose from beautiful straitons of color. For example, their Venus XL, eye-shadow kit is an 18-color palette with a unique blend of color for every style or mood.

Lime Crime Makes Business News

There was a black market of matte products in China, and a resolution was needed immediately. They were able to create an e-commerce market that’s already responsible for thousands of products being sold. Today, they have also contributed to several other viral brands. Their Apricot Nude, summer collection is a must have among their Instagram followers. Their new collection invites your lips to bare it all to reveal your natural lip lines. Their Scandal, lipstick collection is also popular for it’s brilliant violet-purple hue. Learn more about getting free shipping offers on the Lime Crime website today.


Bring Your Mind To The Highest Level

It is important to keep your mind in tip-top shape as you are going through the aging process. This may sound obvious to some people, but too many of us neglect to do this. We are simply not prepared to do what it takes to actually focus on the health of our minds. We so often neglect this in favor of paying attention to the other parts of our body.

We know that the minds of some people may slip a little as they age. It is a natural part of the process of aging, but none of us want to believe that it will really happen to us. Instead, we bury our heads in the sand and think of other things. If you do not want to fall into that category though, then you need to have some supplements that are there to back you up.

Jeunesse Global is the provider of mental stimulating supplements that you can use to help keep yourself sharp. They have one supplement that is known as M1ND. It is meant to help with your cognitive abilities. You can definitely stay on your game if you just make sure to use this supplement regularly.

The supplement is just a one ounce pouch that is easy to carry around with you no matter where you are going in the world. You can take it with you throughout your day and show it off to others. You may just help someone else get turned on to M1ND and thus help them with their mental cognition as well. That is a great gift to give someone.

This product works with your body’s natural chemistry so that you are able to work with what is already going on in your brain to help make it all the more powerful even while you are aging. That is something that not a lot of people can say about what it was like going through the aging process. Those who take Jeunesse Global supplements are saying this kind of thing all the time though. If you want to be like them, check out the Jeunesse Global website yourself.


Robert Santiago and the Manaira Shopping Mall

Over the past few decades, the economy in Brazil has been on the rise. Growth in industrial sectors has necessitated the growth of other infrastructure, including entertainment. Robert Santiago is a Brazilian entrepreneur who’s brilliance is helping to change the face of the Brazilian entertainment sector. Robert Santiago is the developer of the highly popular Manaira Shopping Mall.


Located in the Brazilian state of Paraiba, the Manaira Shopping Mall is much more than just an ordinary mall. In addition to top-notch shopping, the mall features gaming and recreation centers, gyms and other fitness studios, and outdoor parks with walking trails. There is also a movie theater and even schools. The Manaira Shopping Mall is a community gathering place, offering the people of Joao Pessoa a social venue for special events or just enjoying afternoons. It is a cultural gem and a place that residents and visitors alike can enjoy and take pride in. The mall also attracts thousands of visitors each year, further boosting the surrounding economy and growing the once small town of Joao Pessoa into a budding and vibrant city.


This new found development is thanks to the vision of one man, Robert Santiago. Santiago grew up in the town of Joao Pessoa from humble beginnings. He eventually found great success in the packaging and manufacturing industries. His business ventures took him all over the world and in his travels, he was particularly impressed with the large malls prevalent in the US and other western countries. He decided that this model would be one that he would return to his hometown. In the late 1980s, Robert invested in a large plot of land and began construction on what would become the first mall of it’s kind in the region. Manaira Shopping Mall is still a staple of the community in Joao Pessoa and Robert Santiago continues to innovate in the business sector, continuing to keep his hometown at the center of his heart and give back to the town that raised him at every opportunity. In recent years, Santiago has brought increased gourmet dining to the mall as well as opening Domus Hall. Domus Hall is a large venue located at the mall that is designed to host concerts, conferences and exhibitions, and other seminars or conference events. The fine dining and event venue will continue to grow the traffic flowing through the Manaira Shopping Mall and further improve the local economy.


Jeremy Goldstein is winging and dining for the sake of Fountain House!

For those of you who are not familiar with Jeremy Goldstein, you should be! Jeremy is an amazing lawyer, as well as an amazing human being. Jeremy has been active in charitable giving for many years and one of the greatest achievements of his life was joining the board of directors for Fountian House. The house was established by ex-patients in order to help those who are suffering from mental illness. The charity seeks to help both men and women who want to rebuild their lives in the wake of their recovery from mental illness and is committed to helping its members achieve their goals and fulfill dreams of education, as well as a better life. Jeremy recently hosted a wine and dine to raise money to keep the house running and hopes to keep the model of fountain house growing throughout the world. The tickets cost patrons $3,700 and all of the proceeds went to the charity so that they may continue their pivotal work.


Jeremy is a great lawyer and he works tirelessly for his clients. Amongst his achievements s were the deals brokered between Chevron Texaco Corporation/Unocal Corporation and JP Morgan and Chase. Jeremy owns his own boutique law firm specializing in corporate governance. Jeremy has practiced law for over 20 years and is a graduate of New York University. When Jeremy is not serving his clients or the community of friends he has made at fountain house, he is spending time with his family or working away on another article for a law journal or magazine.


The world needs more people like Jeremy in it. Without such individuals, many of the most vulnerable members of our society would be voiceless. Jeremy is the jewel in the crown of lawyers because he is selfless and lacks greed. With Jeremy on your side, you can expect two things. To win your case, and to gain a friend who might ask you for a donation to a really good cause. So if you are in need of Jeremy services then please click here to visit his website. Alternatively, if you would like to make a donation to fountian house then please click here.

Anthony Petrello’s Career And Giving Back

Tony Petrello is a giving businessman who came from humble beginnings to become one the the highest compensated Chief Executive Officers in the United States. He grew up in Newark, New Jersey where he was surrounded by working class families. Tony Petrello attended public school where he was eager to learn and possessed an outgoing spirit. He was a humorous young man with passion to spare. It would later serve him very well in life.

In high school he naturally excelled in math, which he practiced feverishly at home in his off time. His talent did not go unnoticed because Yale University caught wind of the young Tony Petrello. He received a full scholarship to Yale. On top of that, Tony got the incredible change to be mentored by professor, mathematician, and author Serge Lang. Certainly Petrello did not let this opportunity slip through his fingers and he was very eager to start his college experience. Lang described Tony as a very gifted and brilliant young man. As time went on the young mathematician decided that math was not the career of his dreams and instead opted to study law. He did receive a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Mathematics at Yale University, but it wasn’t for him. He instead decided to study law at Harvard Law School, a well known university in the United States. Tony Petrello earned his Juris Doctor there.

At Harvard Mr. Petrello would meet his future wife Cythnia. She would become a staple in the world of performance as a triple threat. This would include being a soap opera producer, TV and movie actress, and dancer. Tony would eventually become the Chief Executive Officer, President, and Chairman of the Board for Nabors Drilling. It was founded in 1968. They are the world’s largest drilling company based on land. As leader of Nabors Mr. Petrello would grow the company and also give back to the community in a meaningful way.

Anthony Petrello and his wife would have a child named Carena. She was born premature and they found out she had cerebral palsy. Carena would not eat any solid foods until the age of 7. This was incredible difficult for the Petrello family and they would take action to help others. They donated $7 million dollars to the Texas Children’s Hospital where Carena was cared for. This generous amount of money would go toward research for childhood neurological disorders.

Source: http://fuelfix.com/blog/tag/anthony-petrello/

Luiz Carlos Trabuco; The Value of Leadership Reforms

For a firm to be successful, it has to incorporate excellent leadership. This is often achieved by investing in experienced leaders that understand what the organization deals with. Moreover, the chances of an organization to flourish after selecting good leaders are higher compared to organizations that are still struggling to make it. Just like in the case of Banco Bradesco, with excellent leadership, every department in an organization plummets with successful performance. Here is a short narration of how the organization has been performing thanks to the excellent direction.

Background Information

Having said that, it is critical to highlight that Luiz Carlos Trabuco is one of the best leaders that Banco Bradesco has had in a while. First joining the organization as a child, working as the office clerk, he exuded tremendous confidence while dealing with clients and senior employees. Therefore, he managed to land significant leadership roles and become a senior executive at the same time. Being a man who always aspired to take his leadership skills a notch higher, he invested in perfect and strategies that would, later on, see to it that the bank has a link to the media. Therefore, he was named one of the most influential leaders in Brazil’s industry of entrepreneurs. For that reason, he earned another promotion as the chief executive officer of Bradesco.

Read more on oglobo.globo.com

Additional Information on Leadership Transitions

Over the past years, Banco Bradesco ushered in different leaders and project managers. Inclusive of this entire process was the reshuffling of significant leaders including the resignation of Brandao de Mello, the former president of Banco Bradesco. While at it, Brandao de Mello remained specific about the direction the bank must take while he left. For instance, he elected Luiz Carlos Trabuco as the immediate replacement as chairman and tasked him with the responsibility to initiating essential services. Similarly, he ensured that the organization was in safe hands by nurturing his junior employees.

The Vetting Process

Thereafter, the vetting process began, and Octavio de Lazari bagged the position for the following reasons;

• He is young compared to most senior leaders who have held the same position.
• He has vast experience in banking, primarily in Banco Bradesco.
• He is trusted to execute diligently.
• He promised to give his best by walking into the shoes of his role models.

The Outline

Perhaps, with a new leader on board, Banco Bradesco will now be in a position to produce huge and better numbers in terms of supporting the economy of its country. With that said, the success of Banco Bradesco is majorly attributed to its excellent leadership and the dedication of its leaders when it comes to serving clients. While Luiz Carlos Trabuco may have to leave the presidential seat for a vibrant leader, he still reigns in his initial position. As such, Banco Bradesco will maintain its leading position in the industry. Other than that, its competitors can borrow a few notes when it comes to implementing perfect leadership. It is also correct to conclude that a banking firm thrives in an excellent direction just as elaborated by Luiz Carlos Trabuco.

Check more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco: http://www.meioemensagem.com.br/home/ultimas-noticias/2018/02/05/bradesco-anuncia-substituto-de-trabuco.html

Jeremy Goldstein: One Of The Best Corporate Lawyers In The Industry

Attorney Jeremy L. Goldstein has leveraged his expertise and training as a corporate lawyer to participate in many of the most high profile and successful transactions between large corporations.

Jeremy Goldstein has been involved with business transactions that have involved companies such as Duke Energy, Progress Energy, the Bank of America Corporation, The Dow Chemical Company, Schering Plough Corporation, the financial services company Goldman Sachs and the telecommunications company Verizon Wireless.

Jeremy Goldstein has proven throughout his career as a corporate lawyer that he is dedicated to using his skills to enable corporations to effectively navigate the complicated issue of executive compensation.

Jeremy Goldstein honed his skills by working with many corporate clients as an employee at a law firm that is known as Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz. After learning the ropes and developing his skills as a corporate attorney at that legal practice Jeremy Goldstein would go on to make the decision to strike out on his own. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare and  Jeremy Goldstein | Facebook

Rather than simply working in another position for another corporate legal practice Jeremy Goldstein decided that he wanted to tackle the challenge of launching his own legal practice. Jeremy Goldstein would go on to found his own law firm that is known today as Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates.

According to the website IdeaMensch Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates focuses on offering legal services that provide legal advice to senior management collectives, chief executive officers, committees in charge of making decisions about compensation and executive compensation.

Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates is a firm that is also focused on offering its clients services that will enable them to strengthen corporate governance. Many of the services that Jeremy and his team offer through Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates are designed to speak to the wide array of legal dilemmas that are faced by many corporations.

In addition to spending many years practicing corporate law, Jeremy Goldstein has also spent many years studying the legal field in preparation for offering the best legal services possible to his clients.

Jeremy Goldstein earned a law degree from the New York University School of Law. He has also earned a Master of Science degree from the University of Chicago and an undergraduate degree from an institution that is known as Cornell University.

In an interview with the website that is known as IdeaMensch Jeremy Goldstein shared one of the keys to his success as a corporate lawyer.

Jeremy told the publication that one of the tips that has made him an exemplary lawyer is the effort that he has put into spending time building relationships with his clients.

Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein:


Alex Pall Sings About What He Knows

The Chainsmokers have recently released their hit track titled “Closer” which features Halsey, a rising star. One of the things that makes the new hit unique is the fact that Andrew Taggart will be singing alongside Alex Pall.

Pall and Taggart have really great chemistry when it comes to creating hits that appeal to a wide range of the audience. They have been working together from day one and after four years of work they are pretty big in the music scene. They both wanted the same things out of life. Not only do they appeal to the teenage crowd but they have found that they also appeal to an older audience of 30 and up.

The duo is always expanding their spectrum and trying out new things so that they seem to be hitting it off with a wide range of fans while making hits along the way. Both have a background in the DJing scene and music is a huge part of their lives.

Their laid-back and calm attitudes free them up to be creative and to enjoy the spotlight while giving their fans what they want. Their songs reflect where they were when they created them and they are transitioning their lives along with their music. Their songs are a glimpse into their lives, and they aren’t afraid to let people peek into their personal moments through their lyrics.

Working with Halsey on their song, Closer, was a fun experience and she was unique and the kind of artist that they enjoy working with. It is a great indication of the direction they are headed.

Pall and Taggart keep connected to their followers through social media sites such as Instagram, and it has helped them to become more international. They have written their songs about their life experiences, and their fans can really relate. They are always changing, and they are excited to go on tour. Their Red Rock tour sold out and was a big experience for their group. The duo is all about keeping it real and are not going to change that anytime soon.